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Your contactless card

The simple, secure way to pay

You can use your contactless card to pay for items up to the contactless limit without having to enter your PIN. The contactless transaction limit is currently £100.

How contactless works

Contactless is quick, easy and secure. Just touch your card against the contactless card reader when you’re ready to pay. You’ll hear a beep and see a green light on the reader. You’ve paid. If you need a receipt, just ask the retailer.

Contactless card payments

Just follow these easy steps

Contactless payments logo

Step 1

You can use contactless wherever you see this logo.

Touch your card against the reader

Step 2

Just touch your card against the reader.


Step 3

When you see the green light, your payment’s approved.

Where to use contactless

You can use contactless at most retailers now and wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Safe and secure

Using contactless is just as safe as Chip and PIN. You have the same protection against fraud, and if you think you've been incorrectly charged, just let us know.

It's important that you take your card out of your purse or wallet to use it, as this makes sure the right card is charged.

For extra security if you use contactless frequently or if you haven't used Chip and PIN in a while you may be asked to enter your PIN. If the card terminal has not been upgraded, a ‘card declined’ message will appear. In the event of receiving a declined message, you should attempt to pay using Chip and PIN rather than contactless.