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Transfer your existing ISAs to us

Benefit from our interest rates

If you have Cash ISAs from previous tax years, it’s easy to transfer them to us. That way, your eligible Cash ISA savings could benefit from our rates.

First of all, you'll have to apply for and open a Clydesdale Bank Cash ISA.

Select one of the following options:

Flexi Cash ISA - a standard Flexi Cash ISA account where you have immediate access to your money without charge. You can also transfer your Stocks and Shares ISA to a Flexi Cash ISA.

Help to Buy: ISA - a helping hand to save for your first home (you can only transfer from an existing Help to Buy: ISA).

To transfer your ISA to us we’ll need the details of your current provider.

We aim to complete the transfer process for all cash ISAs within 15 working days of receiving your completed transfer application form. For Stocks and Shares ISA transfers we aim to complete within 30 working days.

View information about the new Cash ISA transfer guidelines

Transfer your existing ISA from us

If you wish to transfer your existing ISA with ourselves, to another financial institution, you require to open the new account with that organisation and request that they fulfil your transfer request.

Remember - don’t close your existing ISA - if you do so you will lose all the tax benefits you have built up over the years. We will arrange for your account to be transferred.

How to apply

  • Apply and transfer online - select a Flexi Cash ISA or Help to Buy: ISA. If you already hold one of our Cash ISAs you wish to transfer into, please skip to section 4b and complete the relevant transfer form.
  • At a branch – find your nearest Clydesdale Bank branch, where our staff will help you complete the transfer form.
  • By post - follow the instructions below.
  1. Download the Key features which gives you details of the terms and conditions:

    You should print a copy of these Key features and retain a copy for your own records before you sign the application form. By signing, you are therefore accepting the terms and conditions.

  2. Download How we use personal information(PDF, opens in new window). You should print a copy of 'How we use personal information' and retain a copy for your own records before you sign the application form.

  3. Download the information sheet and exclusions list (PDF, opens in a new window), which gives details of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You should print a copy of 'information sheet and exclusions list' and retain a copy for your own records before you sign the application form.

    1. Download the relevant application form below for the Cash ISA you'd like to open, followed by a transfer form from section 4b.

    2. Once you have completed the application, or if you have already opened one of our ISAs to transfer into, next
      Download the relevant transfer form for the Cash ISA you wish to transfer into.
      Complete the details on-screen and then print two copies of the transfer form.
      Please complete a separate transfer form for each Cash ISA you wish to transfer.

  4. Sign and date both copies of the transfer and application forms. Please keep one copy of each form for your own records.
  5. Send the signed form(s) to:
    Direct Banking
    Cash ISA Team
    Timor House, Mariner Court
    Clydebank Business Park
    Clydebank G81 2NR

What we do

  • If applying in branch our staff will help you complete the transfer form
  • We transfer your ISA
  • Our ISA transfer team will request the money from your current provider
  • It will take up to 15 working days to complete a cash ISA transfer
  • It will take up to 30 working days to complete a Stocks and Shares ISA transfer
  • We will write to you once the transfer is complete