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Foreign Exchange transactions

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Technical Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

The client applets require the end-user to have a suitable computer. Specifications for the OS, internet browser and JVM are covered below.

Client Hardware

The minimum and recommended hardware (computer) specifications are:

Item Minimum Recommended
Pentium Processor 600 MHz 1.70 GHz Intel Premium & above
Temporary Internet Files Folder 50MB 50MB & above

Client Software

Operating Systems

Software Description Version
Windows Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
8.1 (32/64 bit)
10 (32/64 bit)
Mac OS Mac OS 10.13.2 (High Sierra) or above.
Chrome Supported ET applets are unable to start from Chrome v45 and higher

Web browser

Google Chrome (v.83.0.4103 or above)
Mozilla Firefox (v.78.0.1 or above)
Microsoft Edge (v.44.18361 or above)
Safari (v.13.1.1 or above)
Internet Explorer 11 (v.11.900 or above)
Software Description Version
JRE Jave SE Runtime Environment 1.8 and OpenJDK11

Popup blockers are detrimental to some ET functionality; therefore it is important that such software is either disabled, or configured to allow popups from the domain used to host the ET system.

Ring-fencing changes: how to be extra vigilant about fraud

Ring-fencing is new UK legislation brought in after the financial crisis to protect customers and the day-to-day banking services they rely on. It mostly affects larger UK banks that will have to separate their day-to-day banking from other, riskier, activities such as investment banking.

Although the majority of our customers won’t be affected by ring-fencing changes, other banks will be making changes which may require their customers to change their sort code and account numbers. During this period of change in UK banking, you should be extra vigilant of fraud and scams.

Further details about ring-fencing and managing the risk of fraud may be found on our websites Fraud prevention and security centre