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Foreign Exchange transactions

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Frequently asked questions

How do I register for CYBFX?

Details of how to register can be found on the Register page. Alternatively, contact your Relationship Manager/Financial Risk Solutions Manager for assistance or request a call back on the Talk to us page.

Further information on our products can be found here:

When I log in to CYBFX Dealing, I cannot see any rates. Why?

You need to set up a new rates panel. On the Rates tab, click New, add a Setup name then add the currency pairs you wish to view.

How do I initiate a deal?

Click on the currency pair you require on the rates screen. Populate the displayed template screen with specific deal information:

  • Product
  • Amount
  • Value date

and click on "Request Rates" to request price.

How will I know the Contract Number?

You will see the assigned CYBFX Deal Number at the bottom of the deal ticket on immediate booking of a trade. It is also on your deal acknowledgement. The assigned trade number will appear on your Deal Log (Blotter).

How do I look up a deal?

Under deal log (blotter), if you know the Deal ID, enter the number into the id search field and select 'Search Log'. Alternatively, you can search by choosing a date range and select 'Search Log'.

How do I print a Deal Ticket Acknowledgement?

To view the acknowledgement, locate the deal in the Deal Log (Blotter), double click on the deal then select 'Print'.

What is "Chat" & how does it work?

For a range of reasons the Bank's Financial Risk Solutions Dealers may need to communicate with you when pricing a deal. Chat is a live, on-line, screen based facility allowing you to reply to a dealer's Chat.

How does the security work?

Data is moved from your computer across the Internet to our computers in data "envelopes", known as packets. When these packets arrive we re-assemble them to understand the message. To ensure that no-one can read our communication we encode, or encrypt, every packet that is sent so that only we can read each other's message. This is achieved by using a digital certificate in combination with Secure Socket Layer technology. In effect, these digital certificates are electronic identities or signatures on the system; it is like we have a unique padlock on each of these packets which only we can open because we have the unique key to the lock.

Can anyone copy or steal my Digital Certificate?

Your digital certificate has two parts referred to as a public and private key. Your public key is available in the public domain to verify your identity, but you private key is held on the hard drive of your computer so you control access. It is important to maintain security of your private key by using password protection of your private key, access controls to products or operating systems, virus protection and firewall protection.

I have forgotten my CYBFX password, what do I do?

For help with a forgotten ET password, please contact the CYBFX support team on 0800 028 8352. For validation, you will be requested to confirm the mobile number we currently hold. The OTP password will be received via SMS message.

I have forgotten my IdenTrust password, what do I do?

For help with a forgotten IdenTrust password, follow the Link on retrieve your certificate page “I forgot my password” link. Once this link has been selected an automated email will be sent to you with instructions on completing the password reset process. During this process, you will be requested to answer all three secret questions that you established during the application phase.

How can I get a better view of the CYBFX Demo, what should I do?

Click on settings and change the Quality to 720pHD, in addition you can change to Full Screen for a better view.

Why do I have to provide my mobile telephone number on the Application/Amendment form?

Your mobile telephone number will be used to send a password via SMS text or for user authentication and will not be used for any further processing. In accordance with the GDPR the Bank only processes data for the purposes of Marketing where the individual has given their explicit consent.

Ring-fencing changes: how to be extra vigilant about fraud

Ring-fencing is new UK legislation brought in after the financial crisis to protect customers and the day-to-day banking services they rely on. It mostly affects larger UK banks that will have to separate their day-to-day banking from other, riskier, activities such as investment banking.

Although the majority of our customers won’t be affected by ring-fencing changes, other banks will be making changes which may require their customers to change their sort code and account numbers. During this period of change in UK banking, you should be extra vigilant of fraud and scams.

Further details about ring-fencing and managing the risk of fraud may be found on our websites Fraud prevention and security centre