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Dumfries & Galloway leads the way in cutting housebreaking


Dumfries & Galloway has slashed the number of housebreakings in the region over the last 10 years, according to research by Clydesdale Bank Home Insurance. According to the Bank's analysis, Dumfries and Galloway has reduced the number of offences by a greater proportion than anywhere in Scotland.

Analysis of crime statistics for the 8 regions by Clydesdale Bank Home Insurance shows that the number of burglaries in Dumfries & Galloway fell by 898 over the 10 year period of 1999-2009 to just 323, a fall of 74%. The rate of offences committed also dropped by three-quarters (73%) to 22 offences per 10,000 population, down from 83 in 1999.

In the ten years reviewed, the Bank identified that the number of domestic housebreakings in Scotland, which represent about two-thirds of all housebreakings, fell from 35,654 to 17,223, a fall of 52%. Across the country the average rate of housebreaking now stands at 49 for every 10,000 of population, down from 105 in 1999.

All Housebreakings - Scotland

  1999 2009 Diff % change
Central 2,438 1,046 1,392 57%
Dumfries & Galloway 1,221 323 898 74%
Fife 3,722 1,602 2,120 57%
Grampian 6,165 2,743 3,422 56%
Lothian & Borders 7,896 5,433 2,463 31%
Northern 822 599 223 27%
Strathclyde 27,489 12,185 15,304 56%
Tayside 4,073 1,565 2,508 62%
SCOTLAND 53,826 25,496 28,330 53%

Source: Recorded Crime in Scotland

The Northern region's remoteness is no doubt a factor in the generally low level of crime with only 599 housebreakings in this part of the country. The reductions in housebreaking across the whole of Scotland, however, have much more complex reasons. Reducing crime consistently and by such large proportions requires a combination of factors working together. The relatively positive economic environment, policing, better home security and communities working together all play a part in reducing crime.

Steve Reid, Retail Director at Clydesdale Bank, said:

"Any reduction in crime is to be welcomed, but reductions of the size we are seeing here show more than just good fortune. To achieve and maintain falls over such a period demonstrates the success of individuals taking responsibility for home security and communities working together with the police to tackle the problem."

"We can all take sensible steps to protect our homes; like mortice locks, alarms and security lights, but the sad fact is, we can never be 100% secure. That's why it's important to have contents insurance, so that should the worst happen you don't have to pick up the bill too."

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