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UK is nation firmly focused on holidays

24th June 2013

It may be the result of the recent sunny weather or possibly the fact that the spring of 2013 was officially the coldest in 50 years* but the UK is a nation firmly focused on their holidays.

New research from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks today (Monday 24th June 2013) revealed that the largest percentage (42%) of those surveyed would spend a financial windfall on a holiday rather than saving the extra money.

It may be that London is enjoying more sunshine than other parts of the UK as only 31% of Londoners would opt to spend their windfall to enjoy a break compared to 55% of those in the east.

Regional breakdown of those that would use a financial windfall to go on holiday:

Region %
East 55%
South West 52%
Wales 46%
UK average 42%
Yorkshire 41%
South East 41%
Midlands 41%
Scotland 39%
North East 37%
North West 32%
London 31%

Of the lucky ones who are already able to enjoy regular holidays, whether it is jetting off to the sun or a staycation, the majority are not prepared to give up their break.

More than two thirds (62%) would opt to make sacrifices in other areas of their lives such as spending less money on new clothes or cancelling their gym membership.
Some 47% of the women surveyed would opt to go on holiday with any extra disposable income compared to just 34% of men, however the research also showed that men may perhaps be a little more thoughtful when it comes to spending any additional money.

While 30% of men would use any extra funds to treat their partner, only 14% of women would do the same.

Andrew Pearce, Retail Director for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, said:
“Our research has found that holidays remain the top priority and many people are particularly keen to head off for a break this year.

“At Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks we can provide advice and support in managing your money and helping you save - whether it is for a dream holiday or for a rainy day.”

For those heading off on holiday, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have a prepaid currency card which is available in three currencies - Sterling, Euro or US Dollar.  The Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank Cash Passport prepaid currency card makes taking money abroad easy, convenient and secure and is instantly available in branch and ready to use.  
The card is reloadable and can be used for up to 5 years and users can choose when to lock in their money at a great exchange rate and enjoy complete control of their holiday budget.  A free additional card is available in case of emergencies, as well as free round-the-clock global assistance.  For more information visit your local Clydesdale or Yorkshire Bank branch or visit or

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