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Minimum documents and information required to open a current account with us

To help you open your current account with us, here’s a list of the minimum documents and information you'll need to provide us with to open your account. For joint accounts we’ll need this for both parties with the person opening the account confirming they are authorised to provide this information.

This list is not part of the application process. It is to provide you with details of the information and documents we need as a minimum when you open your current account. Please note, we may request additional information or documents in some cases. Provision of the relevant documentation and information does not guarantee that an account will be opened.

ID and verification

As part of becoming a new customer we need to confirm who you are and where you live. There are two ways we do this:

  • We may be able to check your identity and address using an electronic verification check. This will not affect your credit rating.
  • In some cases we may need to send correspondence to your address to verify you are who you say you are. In that event you will have to respond before we can continue your application.

The same identity checks may also have to be performed for existing customers.

If we do ask for documents you will need to use original documents. You can either bring these to one of our branches or submit them to us via another method following the instructions we send you. You will need to provide one document to confirm your identity, and one document to confirm your address, the same document cannot be selected from each list.

Acceptable proof of identity documents

  • Current signed passport
    Including current visa or other authority to remain in the UK if required
  • Current full or provisional UK / EU / Liechtenstein / Norwegian / Swiss photo-card driving licence
  • Current full UK driving licence
    Old style paper version
  • Current state ID card
    EU / Liechtenstein / Swiss national
  • Current biometric residence permit
    Issued by the Home Office

Other documents may also be acceptable. You can also visit your nearest branch or contact us on 0800 028 3632 and we will be happy to discuss other forms of identification and documents we can accept.

Acceptable proof of address documents

  • Bank, Building Society, credit card or Credit Union statement
    Issued within the last three months (transactions printed from the internet are not acceptable)
  • Utility bill
    Issued within the last three months (mobile phone bills and internet access bills are not acceptable)
  • Evidence of current entitlement to a state or local authority funded benefit
    For example, Benefits Agency, Universal Credit, Local Authority Housing or Council Tax benefit notification, issued within the last three months
  • Evidence of current entitlement to state pension
    Issued by the Pension Service within the last 12 months
  • Annual mortgage statement
    Issued within the last 12 months
  • HMRC issued tax notification and correspondence
    Issued within the last six months
  • Insurance certificate for a current annual policy for home, vehicle, pet, mobile device or travel
  • Current full or provisional UK / EU / Liechtenstein / Norwegian / Swiss photo-card driving licence
  • Current full UK driving licence
    Old style paper version

Other documents may also be acceptable. You can also visit your nearest branch or contact us on 0800 028 3632 and we will be happy to discuss other forms of proof of address identification and documents we can accept.

Information we need about you

As part of the application process, we’ll also ask you for the following information:

Personal information

  • Preferred title
    For example, Mr, Mrs, Ms.
  • Legal name
    As well as any previous names.
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
    For example, married, civil partnership, single.
  • Number of dependent children
    This includes any person under 18 that is financially dependent on you.
  • Nationality
    Including any dual nationalities.
  • Country/City/Town of birth
  • Citizenship
    The country (or countries) in which you are registered as a citizen.
  • Current home address
  • Living arrangement
    For example, owner, living with parents, tenant.
  • Date you moved to your current address
    If you have lived at your current address for less than three years you will be asked to provide details of any previous addresses you’ve held during this period. We are required to carry out various credit checks and other searches so knowing your address and any previous addresses helps to identify you and confirm your identity.
  • Contact details
    Your home, mobile and work telephone numbers and your email address.

Employment and tax status

  • Employment status
    For example, full time, part time, self employed, student, retired.
  • Occupation
  • Name of employer
  • Employment start date
  • Country of tax residency
    The country in which you are registered to pay tax.
  • Your Tax ID number
    Where your country of tax residency is outside of the UK, you will be required to provide your Tax ID number or equivalent for that country. For example, in the US this could be your Social Security Number. This is not mandatory if you are tax resident in the UK only.

Income and expenditure

  • Annual income before tax
  • Monthly income after tax
  • Details of any other sources of income – including amount and frequency
    For example income from a second job.
  • Monthly mortgage/rent payments
  • Total monthly personal loan, credit card and hire purchase agreement repayment amounts
    This includes any credit cards, store cards, charge cards, car loans, and personal loan repayments.

Account usage and funding information

  • What your account will be used for
    This is the main reason for you having this account. For example receiving income, pay bills, spending money or savings.
  • What will be paid in each month and how much
    For example, earnings, pensions, benefits, rental or other income, cash, cheques, transfers from other bank accounts and an estimate of the usual amount.

Requesting an arranged overdraft

  • We may ask for proof of your income to support your request for an arranged overdraft
  • Details of any expected increase to your expenditure – including what this will change to each month
    For example any forthcoming increase to your mortgage/rent payment, and or personal loan, credit card or hire purchase repayments.
  • Details of any expected decrease to your income – including what this will change to annually and monthly

Switching your current account to us

In addition to the ID and verification check and the information we will ask you for to open your account, we will ask you to fill out a simple form and agree a switch date with you.

Signed banking mandate

Where applicable, we will provide you with an electronic or paper banking mandate you will need to complete and sign before we can finalise the opening of your account.

Current accounts with benefits

In addition to the information required above, for customers applying for our Private Current Accounts the following information will also be required in relation to the benefits provided as part of the account.

Private Current Accounts
  • Details for all parties to be included on any travel insurance cover
    Including name, date of birth, existing medical conditions and history.
  • Proof of income and/or assets
    As private banking is available to customers with earnings or investable assets above specified thresholds, proof will be required to confirm that your earnings or investable assets meet these thresholds.